Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) How to register a medal

* Download the Animal3000 app

* Register

* Register your animal

* Return to your profile, my animals, choose the animal you want

you want to link and scan the medal, you will see a

small medal appear next to your animal.

2) What is animal 3000

Security - Insurance for your companion

3) What is the aim and objective of animal 3000

· You provide all the necessary tools to ensure the protection of your pet

* A unique QR tag for each animal

* An IOS and Android application

* A website

* An alert

* A universal database

4) Why animal 3000 is safer than other applications

* The owner chooses the access he offers to the person who found his animal.

Either: Chat (or chat) which is 100% secure

The telephone number, partially hidden. Ex: 514-*** ****

By text message

By email, partially hidden. ex. cl ****@ *******.ca

* Our platform was designed with technologies powered by Google and in

following recent development methodologies, which ensures us

very good data security.

5) Why not use a medal with my number on it?


The cell phone number can be used to steal your identity and take control of your online accounts.

Explains Veronica Miller, virtual network (VPN) cybersecurity expert. A scammer knows various ways to use your phone number to make your life worse. (Selection, ca, Reader's Digest, Nov 30, 2020)

6) What is a QR LA BLEU medal?

· Our tag has a QR code unique to you and readable by all scanners, it will direct the person who found your pet to your pet profile 3000

IMPORTANT; for security reasons, the person who scans your medal will not see your telephone number or your email.

7) What is the alert?

We have two alerts,

Lost animal alert , and Stray animal alert.

When an owner or someone who has found a stray animal is declared, an alert message will be sent to all people using the application and on the website over a distance of 25 kilometers. radius of the person who raises the alert.

8) Why a universal database

To make your search efficient and simple when you go looking for your animal if unfortunately you have lost it. You will look in one place, no more browsing databases of a city, an organization and viewing social networks.

9) What do I do if I find a stray dog

Go to the animal 3000 application, at the bottom of the page click on the lost/found button, then on the Alert button to report an animal found wandering, you just have to insert the photo of the animal and respond to no more questions possible. Note: it is not obligatory to register on the application.

10) Which is better, a QR code medal or a microchip

Our QR code tag would be my first choice. But depending on your budget I would recommend both, because the two are complementary.

Our QR code medal: Immediate follow-up

Benefits :

* Visible and readable by any scanner, in a few minutes it will direct the

person who found your pet on your pet profile 3000.

* Very inexpensive and good for the whole life of your companion, it can

even be transferred to your future animal.

* Since the person who found your animal will contact you directly,

you will probably save on the costs incurred by the organization which

should have picked up and welcomed your pet, which sometimes means

hundreds of dollars in savings.

* Our warranty covers breakage for 5 years after purchase. You will pay

only transport costs.


* May be lost, removed by a thief or broken over the years.

The microchip: an identifier

Benefits :

*Shows the animal's identifying number, which corresponds to the owner.

Necessary for customs or proof of identification for a flight.


  1. The person who finds your animal, how do they know that the animal has a microchip, will they travel to go to a veterinarian or SPCA or other?
  2. It requires a veterinarian or an animal technician for its implementation, which incurs costs.
  3. It can sometimes migrate 6 to 7 cm from its original location site.
  4. It can sometimes become deactivated.
  5. Sometimes it is not readable if a dog is too fat (eg, Sharpie, etc.).
  6. For the thief there is no point in checking if the animal has a microchip
  7. Be careful, often compared by people as a GPS, this is false.