region England
cut M 47-51cm, F 44-47cm
hair  Fine, short, tight
dress All colors
head Long, dry, flat skull, slight stop
eyes Oval, shiny
ear Small, fine texture, worn in pink
tail Long, slender, slightly curved
behaviour Sweet, affectionate, equal
federation FCI nomenclature group 10 section 3 no 162
The Whippet Greyhound (Dwarf Greyhound1) is a canine breed of English origin. The Fédération Cynologique Internationale lists it in Group 10, Sighthounds, Section 3, Standard No. 162.
It resembles Pharaoh's Greyhound and some claim it was probably introduced during the Roman conquest of England in 55 BC. J.-C.. The origin of the race seems to go back rather to England of XVe century. Known since the 17th century in the North of England, where it was used instead of the fox terrier for hare hunting, the breed was only established at the end of the 19th century, by the contribution blood of terriers and small greyhounds. It was recognized as such only in 1899, after a serious selection carried out from the 1880s. At that time, the workers and miners of the industrial regions of the North of England, passionate of rabbits, but subject to the ban on owning greyhounds (a privilege of the royal family), have selected this lively little dog from its noble cousin, the greyhound, and from various contributions, including the bedlington terrier and the little italian greyhound. Its speed can go up to 40 km but the fastest was 49 km
The Whippet is simple, sensitive and extremely affectionate towards its owner. Of a discreet nature, he adapts well to city life (in an apartment), provided he can exercise regularly during frequent and long walks. Its vitality makes it the ideal companion for joggers. He does not like loneliness but bears it calmly. Females are more dominant. The Whippet is a dog-cat.