region Netherlands
cut 59 cm maximum for the male and 55 cm maximum for the female
weight 20 to 25 kg
hair  except for the head and limbs, it consists of tight curls formed of thick hair, rather coarse and greasy to the touch
dress monocolor black or brown, or black or brown with white spots. Mixed coat and speckles are allowed in the white
head The slightly domed skull gives the impression of being wider than long
eyes The eyes are medium sized, oval, set slightly slanted giving the dog a somewhat fierce expression
ear The ears are set quite low. The auricle is not too developed, so that the ear touches the head without twisting
tail The tail is long and curled, carried above the croup or to the side
Other name(s) Dutch Water Dog, Friesian Spaniel, Wetterhoun, Dutch Water Spaniel Average life expectancy: about 13 years Remarks and advice It is almost completely unknown outside the Netherlands.
It is an autochthonous Dutch breed, certainly very old but of unknown origin, selected for otter hunting.
Originally, he was a great otter hunter; today, the Friesian Water Dog is suitable for all types of hunting, especially in marshes (its coat is typical of a water dog), but it is also used as a watchdog or defense. It is an energetic, dynamic, reckless and stubborn dog, which requires an expert hand for training. In the family, he is gentle and friendly, but reserved towards strangers (ideal quality for a guard dog).