Welsh Terrier

region Wales
cut 39cm
weight 9kg
hair  hard and slightly wavy
dress black and tan
head flat on top, with a long snout
eyes small, round, enclosing a look full of interest
ear small, V-shaped, falling forward
tail well attached, traditionally short
behaviour playful, close to his master and stubborn
federation FCI nomenclature group 3 section 1 no 78
The Welsh Terrier, or Welsh Terrier, is a breed of dog from the terrier family that comes from Wales. He is very active and playful, ideal for athletes or young children. He is a dog very attached to his master and very affectionate who needs little space, being suitable for an apartment if he has daily exercise. lively and intelligent, however, it requires a firm and fair education. It looks a lot like the Airedale Terrier, being a cross between it and the Fox Terrier. It is black on the back and tan on the rest of the body, like the Airedale Terrier, but keeps a more convenient size of the Fox Terrier, and even smaller.