Volpino Italiano

silhouette Spitz of small format, very compact, harmonious
cut Height at the withers: from 27 to 30 cm for males; from 25 to 28 cm for females.
hair  Bushy, very long and exceptionally upright. It is of a rough texture.
dress Entirely white, entirely red or champagne (allowed but not appreciated).
head Pyramid-shaped, its length reaches almost 4/10ths of the height at the withers.
eyes Well open and of normal size, they denote alertness and liveliness.
ear Short, triangular in shape, erect.
tail Worn permanently rolled up on the back.
behaviour Very attached to his environment and his family, with a very marked, lively, cheerful and playful temperament.
federation FCI nomenclature group 5 section 4 no 195