Glen of Imaal Irish Terrier

region Ireland
cut 35.5 cm is the maximum in the male (14 inches). The female is proportionally smaller.
weight 16 kg in the male. The female is proportionally lighter.
hair  Medium length, coarse in texture; soft undercoat.
dress Blue brindle, but not fading to black. Wheat, light wheat in color with a golden tone verging on red.
head Fairly long and wide, marked stop. Powerful muzzle.
eyes Brown, medium sized, round and set well apart.
ear Small, pink or semi-erect when dog is alert; carried back at rest.
tail Strong at birth, well set on and carried cheerfully.
behaviour Active, agile and quiet at work. Full of drive and ardor and endowed with great courage when asked; otherwise, gentle and docile, brimming with personality. His faithful and affectionate nature makes him a very pleasant house dog and companion.
federation FCI nomenclature group 3 section 1 no 302
The Glen of Imaal Irish Terrier is a breed of terrier originating from Ireland. It would be a descendant of Celtic terriers crossed with the Swedish Vallhund brought by the Viking invaders, the latter having given it its basset format. However, its origins remain largely obscure and only guesses can be made. The Glen of Imaal is a typical terrier, an excellent hunter and quite a fighter with his congeners; however, he is more calm and docile than most terriers. He is particularly renowned for his patience with children and his propensity to obey more easily than his cousins. He needs space to spend himself.