region Germany
weight Between 6 and 10 kg
hair  long-haired, short-haired and rough-haired
head Slightly rounded skull.
eyes Almond-shaped eyes and black irises.
behaviour Mischievous, devoted, and possessive with his master
federation Nomenclature FCI group 4 section 1 no 148
The dachshund is a breed of basset hound from Germany, that is to say a long and short-legged dog. For this reason, the dachshund is sometimes humorously called "sausage on legs" or "sausage on legs" or even "sausage dog". Hunting A dachshund is commonly used to hunt: on land, Deer Boar Hare Rabbit Looking for wounded game (wild boar, deer, etc.) underground, Fox Badger Rabbit (for kaninchens). as well as to bring back to water, Duck, Pheasant... Anecdotes It is therefore qualified as "Derrier and running dog" Its versatility, which has made its reputation, means that it is both classified as a breed and as group Breed standards according to federations FCI: All types (Fr) / All types (En) AKC: All types ANKC: Long-haired / Short-haired / Wire-haired / Miniature long-haired / Miniature short-haired / Wire-haired miniature CKC: All types KC(UK): Long haired / Short haired / Rough haired / Miniature long haired / Miniature short haired / Miniature rough haired NZKC: Long haired / Short haired / Rough haired / Miniature long haired / Miniature short haired / Miniature wirehair UKC: All types SCC: All types
The dachshund, originally from Germany, was originally used for hunting badgers, which they dislodged from their burrows. Its name comes from the word Dachs, badger in German, through Dachselhund badger dog. The English name dachshund is closer to the original German version. While the Germans currently use Dackel closer to the French word. The first specimens appeared as early as the 17th century, and varieties of the breed continued to develop until the 19th century. These ancestors are the Bracken or the Brachets. With three varieties of hair (short, hard and long), three sizes (kaninchen, dwarf and standard) and three colors (unicolour, bicolour or harlequin). One could also observe, on Egyptian frescoes, representations of identical dogs with the only difference that it had straight and not drooping ears.
All varieties make lively and intelligent dogs with strong personalities. It is a dog that is known for its working (hunting) abilities and for its ease of family life. He's a pack dog, but he can live on his own just as well. Character Traits Comical Observant Cunning Affectionate Cheerful Endearing lazy (if let him go) Qualities/Faults His qualities: Liveliness Loyalty Adaptability Robust Endurance Courage His faults: Possessive and jealous Stubborn Very long back, which can cause backaches and bigger problems like paralysis