Slovak Chuvach

region Slovakia
hair  a dense, white dress
head The head has a strong, moderately sloping forehead
eyes The eyes are dark brown, oval in shape, straight set and with well-set black eyelids
ear The ears are set high, mobile from their point of attachment, of moderate length and are worn glued to the head
tail The whip, the tip of which should not be rolled up, is tied low and falls back in a state of rest, reaching the astragal joints
behaviour intelligent, balanced, sometimes almost too endearing
federation FCI Nomenclature Group 1 Section 1 No. 142
Care: fairly demanding, brush daily, comb once a week Utility: good watchdog and companion Life expectancy: 12 years
The origin of the Slovensky Cuvac is identical to that of other mountain shepherds, for example, that of the Polski Owczarek Podhalanski and the Kuvasz. His Book of Origins was created in 1929 in Brno by Professor Antonin Hruza, lecturer at the Veterinary School. The basic material for breeding came from villages of the Upper Tatra, the first kennel was called ze zlate studny = from the golden fountain and was located in Svitavy. The Carpathian bloodline was created by the kennel ze Hoverly = from Hoverla. The Slovensky Cuvac gained international recognition in 1969.