English Springer

region Britain
cut 48-49 cm for a female 50-51 cm for a male
hair  Tight, straight and weatherproof, never coarse. Presence of moderate feathering on the ears, forelimbs, body and hindlimbs
dress Liver and white, black and white, or either of these with tan markings.
head slightly rounded, medium size
eyes almond are preferably dark hazelnut in color
ear long and wide are pressed against the head
tail shortened or long
behaviour cheerful and active dog. He is also very attached to his master.
federation FCI nomenclature group 8 section 2 no 125
Other name(s) English Springer Spaniel, English Springer Spaniel Health It is a very rustic, robust and long-lived dog. Average life expectancy: about 13 years Living conditions The English Springer can live very well in a garden but he loves human company very much and must therefore be allowed to come into the house often. Notes and advice This is the oldest of the British hunting dogs
The oldest origins of this breed are common to those of the English Cocker Spaniel and the English Setter. The current breed, however, is of recent origin since its history began in 1812, when a group of enthusiasts began breeding strains of Spaniels that are considered the precursors of today's Springers.
The English Springer is a very affectionate and friendly dog, also kind with children, quieter than the Cocker Spaniel, even if he is very lively. Like all Spaniels, it is a hunting dog which does not mark the stop in front of the game, but is satisfied to raise it. He brings it back instinctively with great mastery. It is faster and more resistant to hunting than other Spaniels. It is rather independent and must be trained by an expert hand.