Norbotten Spitz

region Sweden
cut about 45 cm for the male and 42 for the female
weight about 10kg
hair  hard, short, straight and rather tight, with a dense and fine undercoat
dress All of the colours are acceptable. The ideal color is white flecked with yellow or red-brown
eyes dark and shiny, expressing calm and the desire to do well
ear set high and relatively small
tail set on fairly high, carried up in a semi-circle, the point touching the sides of the thighs
Other name(s) Norrbottenspitz, Norrbottenspets Average life expectancy: about 13 years Remarks and advice It was also used as a sled dog.
Its origins are lost in the history of dog racing: the only certain thing is its Nordic origin.
It lends itself to hunting, during which the Norbotten Spitz is attentive and courageous. He gives the impression of being awake and active, friendly and sure of himself, never nervous, fearful or aggressive. He loves cuddles and cleanliness very much.