region Italy
cut 60 to 70 cm for the male and 58 to 65 cm for the female
weight 32 to 37 kg for the male and 28 to 30 kg for the female
hair  hard, tight, slightly frizzy, clinging to the body
dress depending on the variety, orange white or brown roan
eyes large, open, expressive: yellow in the orange-white variety, they are ocher in the brown roan variety
ear triangular, with slightly rounded tip, drooping with the front edge adhering to the cheek
Other name(s) Italian Spinone, Italian Wirehaired Pointing Dog, Italian Griffon Health It is an extremely rustic and very robust dog. Average lifespan: about 13 years Living Conditions The Spinone can live both indoors and outdoors, but needs plenty of exercise.
Its origin is very old since the Spinone derives from the wire-haired pointing dogs brought to Italy by Greek and Etruscan traders in Roman times. These dogs were crossed with the White Molosser which already existed in Italy. Wire-haired pointing dogs are described by Xenophon, Seneca, Aristotle and other authors as early as 2000 BC.
Sweet, patient, very sociable, intelligent and courageous, he is one of the best companion dogs there is (sometimes also for children), incredibly gentle: his eyes have an almost human expression. As a pointing dog, he is able to work on any terrain and in any season. He is also a very good retriever and a proven swimmer. Very resistant to fatigue, it is as comfortable in deep, cold water as in thickets.