region The Netherlands
cut 35 - 42cm
weight 9 - 10kg
dress tough and shaggy
head The color ranges from dark straw yellow to light yellow and will be darker on the ears, beard and eyebrows
eyes dark brown, large and round
ear set on high, as small as possible and always erect
tail The whip tied high is carried fully developed along its entire length in a joyous momentum
behaviour of an energetic, vigilant temperament
federation FCI Nomenclature Group 2 Section 1 n0 308
Care: requires intensive care, brushing and combing daily Utility: keen rat hunter, good watchdog Life expectancy: 12 - 15 years
This old Dutch stable dog was taken in charge by the Hollandse Smoushond Club founded in 1905. The same year, the club established the standard and thus saved the breed already condemned to extinction. A major importance was given to the shaggy head which gave its name to the Smoushond