region Morocco
cut M 66-72cm, F 61-68cm
weight 20 to 27 kg
hair  Ras, tight, thin
dress Light to russet sable, black mantle, black stripes, black mask
head Elongated, thin, bottom view: wedge-shaped
eyes Tall, dark, soft, nostalgic expression
ear Tied high, drooping, applied against the head
tail Tied high, drooping, applied against the head
behaviour Noble, haughty, very attached to his master
federation FCI nomenclature group 10 section 3 no 188
Care: It does not require very intensive care, brush daily Utility: Companion and family dog ​​that needs a lot of outings. Life expectancy: 11 to 12 years
The origins of Sloughi are ancient. He is a descendant of the Egyptian royal greyhounds. His native land is North Africa. There are subjects in Algeria, Tunisia and especially in Morocco. The Sloughi is the noble companion of the Bedouins. At night, he sleeps in their tent, covered with a blanket to protect himself from the cold. His merits and qualities as a hunter are praised when he feeds the family thanks to his fruitful hunts, from which he brings back hares and gazelles. He enjoys great consideration. This superb oriental greyhound arrived in Europe in the 19th century after the conquest of Algeria under Napoleon III.