Skye Terrier

silhouette basset. The length of the body is 2 times greater than its height.
cut 25 - 26 cm high 103 cm long
weight 11.5 kg, 10% less for females
hair  long and hard, it falls to the ground.
dress fawn, light or dark gray (including silver or brindle), cream, black. The ears are necessarily black.
head long and powerful, strength being favored over length
eyes brown
ear brown
tail hanging down, the lower part is curved up, extends the back without bending further
behaviour elegant and dignified. It is the dog of a single master, suspicious of strangers, but never mean.
federation FCI nomenclature group 3 section 2 no 75
Care: Not too demanding, brush daily Utility: Modest guard dog. Life expectancy: 13 to 14 years
This long-haired Scottish terrier called Skye-terrier is significantly different from the Clydesdale its ancestor. It was widespread throughout the Isle of Skye and in the Western Islands, then in the North West of Scotland from the 16th century. A description is given in the English reference work of Dr Johannes Caius, published in 1576 , but further mentions are made by Idstone, Low and Richardson. The first develops the idea that the Skye would have been imported "in the same basket" as the Maltese, the Shantung terrier from Japan and the Cavalier King Charles or Blenheim. Which would explain her beauty and affectionate character. The hunters of the time appreciated the Skye, which they found complementary to the Scottish terrier, praising its athleticism and vigor. But very quickly he will be considered rather as a "devoted, subtle, intelligent and discreet life companion, full of sagacity" (according to Vero Shaw and George Clark). pictorial and literary expression.By its fur, its look and its morphology, it seduces many personalities who will know how to highlight it and earn it notoriety in the general public: The Duke of Argyll makes it a breeding, its HMG the queen Victoria will raise several of them as well as the Marquis of Lorne or Sir Edwin Landseer. Clark develops psychological theories to explain the reserved and distant character of the Skye who has not always, in the past received "the good fortune of caresses and love. 'interest of men'. In Edinburgh, a plaque and a statue commemorate a Skye who lived 10 years on the grave of his master (the legend of Greffiar's Bobby).