Silky Terrier

region Australia
cut about 23cm
weight 3 to 6 kg
hair  smooth, fine, long and silky
dress blue and tan or grey-blue and tan.
head The skull is flat without being domed between the eyes
eyes The eyes are small, round, as dark as possible
ear The small, "V" shaped ears are set high on the skull, erect and without any long hair
Other name(s) Sydney Silky, Australian Silky Terrier, Australian Silky Terrier, Silky Terrier, Sydney Terrier, Sidney Terrier Health Despite its "delicate" appearance, the Silky Terrier is a very sturdy dog ​​that does not fall almost never sick. Average life expectancy: approximately 14 years Living conditions Preferably indoors. Remarks and advice He is little known in France and that is a shame because he is a dog full of physical and character qualities and his coat is easier to maintain than that of the Yorkshire.
Its history is rather recent: the first Club of the breed was founded in 1908. The Silky Terrier comes from the cross between the Yorkshire Terrier and the Australian Terrier.
He is a very lively dog, full of joie de vivre, very expansive with his master and the other members of the family. He is a companion dog but also an irreducible mouse hunter. It combines the grace and elegance of the Yorkshire Terrier with the vigor of the Australian Terrier. Well-behaved and very clean, he does not shed his hair and does not give off any odor. He is a great high jumper and when he plays he uses his front legs with great skill to catch objects, almost like a cat.