region Japan
cut 45 - 55cm
weight 15 - 20 kg
hair  short and dense
dress It can be black as well as red, steel blue and silver gray, more rarely brindle
head large head with a broad forehead, a pronounced stop
eyes small eyes preferably dark brown in color.
ear small erect ears
behaviour intelligent, independent, stubborn
federation FCI Nomenclature Group 5 Section 5 No. 319
Care: very easy to care for, brush daily Usefulness: domestic and family dog ​​Life expectancy: 11 - 13 years
Like all other Japanese spitz, the Shikoku also has, in addition to its remarkable qualities as a domestic and guard dog, very good dispositions as a hunting dog. His sense of smell is particularly well developed. Even today, the Japanese spitz are a traditional breed, and despite the differences in size revealing transfers of an imposing mass towards finer and more elegant forms of a small dog, they present a look of a homogeneous type. . It is rare to encounter Shikoku outside of Japan.