Gordon Setter

region Scotland
cut 66cm (M), 62cm (F).
weight 29.5kg (M); 25.5 kg (F).
dress black with tan spots (bright chestnut red)
federation FCI nomenclature group 7 section 2.2 no 6
The Gordon Setter is a pointing hunting dog of Scottish stock, finder of feathered game, the last born of the Setters. Education With a Gordon Setter, things must be clear, it's yes or it's no, it's allowed or it's forbidden, no half measures. Using gentleness, games, compliments, rewards, while being firm and demanding, are the assets of success. Use the same words to give orders, have a lot of patience and be a bit of a psychologist when it comes to the dog's faults, because they can often be caused by humans!
Originally, as for all Setters, from the Spanish spaniel which was introduced into France around the 14th century, to spread thereafter to the British Isles. About the Gordon Setter, it is assumed that he would have been crossed with the Irish setter, the English setter of the Blood-Hound and perhaps the collie. Until the 18th century, these dogs were called "sleeping dogs" because they directed the birds towards the nets of the hunters. It was the fourth Duke of Gordon, Alexander, who improved this variety. At his death, the breeding continued to flourish thanks to George, fifth Duke and the Setters of Gordon Castle became very famous for their ability to work as well as for the attraction of their beauty. The Gordon Setter was named for a century "Black and Tan Setter" in connection with its black and tan coat. It was not until 1924 that this variety was officially named "Setter Gordon" by the English Kennel Club in memory of its innovator Alexander Gordon and his descendants, who marked this splendid breed forever.
Very loyal, he is unanimously accepted by the family he protects by "standing guard" although his action tends to prevent rather than act. Balanced, affectionate, friendly and inveterate player, he particularly appreciates children with whom he is very close. Sporty, he loves hiking, horseback riding, cycling, rollerblading, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, etc. What he really enjoys is swimming. He can be calm and level-headed at home, while brimming with energy outside. Very sensitive, he can't stand brutality and ignorance. Of a strong character despite everything, he can be stubborn, stubborn and persevering, all the qualities of a good pointing hunting dog where he can become the best accomplice of the hunter who knows how to understand him and adapt to him. His overflowing energy requires "at least" one hour of activity per day.