Miniature Schnauzer

region Germany
cut Between 30 and 35 cm
weight Between 5 to 8 kg
hair  short, very hard (wire)
dress Pure Black, Black and Silver Pepper and Salt, Pure White
head Quite strong and rectangular
eyes Medium and oval in shape Dark brown color
ear Natural, drooping, sometimes pointed
tail short/long, bushy/thin, plumed
behaviour friendly/fearful/aggressive
federation FCI Nomenclature: Group 2, Section 1, No. 183
Care: Requires intensive care, brush daily, shovel at regular intervals Utility: Highly developed sensory organs, intelligence, great learning ability, fearlessness, endurance and resistance against the weather give the schnauzer all d Life expectancy: 12 - 14 years
Originally from Bavaria in Germany, he accompanied the coachmen from one relay to another, living with the horses in the stables while hunting rats, field mice or any other rodent. Its name comes from “schnauze” (muzzle) because of its characteristic muzzle, decorated with a beard and mustaches.