region Belgium
cut 20 to 35cm
weight 3 to 5 kg (small variety) or 5 to 8 kg (large variety).
behaviour Always in action, he has an insatiable curiosity and often emits shrill sounds. This barking is accompanied by a behavior seeking to impress where it bristles the mane.
Care: It requires relatively intensive care, brushing and combing daily. Utility: It is an excellent guard and companion dog, lively, fast and tireless. The Schipperke feels particularly good in the company of other domestic animals, especially with horses Life expectancy: 12 to 13 years
The Schipperke is certainly of a very old breed, its origins going back to the end of the 17th century where it is located in the regions of Antwerp, Louvain and Brussels. The schipperke is the reduced format of a pure Lupoid. It is therefore devoid of the fancy characteristics that man has deliberately fixed in many races. It is not a "manufactured" variety. Its smallness which was obtained by selection, is the only point which testifies to a true evolution. The Schipperke is therefore the reduction of a dog which was of the same type as him, but much larger. This dog would have been the Leuvénaar, or Louvain dog. (Ch.Huge's theory)