region Hungary
cut 41-47cm (M)ideal 43-45cm; 38-44cm (F)ideal 40-42cm
weight 10-15kg (M)ideal 12-13kg; 8-13 kg (F)ideal 10-11kg.
hair  wavy and curly
dress gray, black, fawn (fako), white
head long and narrow
eyes moderately separated in a slightly oblique position, lively and intelligent expression
ear set high and erect, upper third of ear bent forward, medium size forming a V
tail forms a wide arc above the croup
behaviour this shepherd dog is quite lively, with an indefatigable temperament, extremely daring but wary with strangers. Quite a noisy dog.
federation FCI nomenclature group 1 section 1 no 056
Other name(s) Hungarian Pumi Average life expectancy: around 13 years Notes and advice Despite its "teddy bear" appearance, it does not lack character.
Its origins date back to the 18th century, when Puli subjects were crossed with Terrier-type dogs and other Shepherds from France and Germany. For almost two centuries, Pumi was considered only a variety of Puli. The separation between the two breeds occurred in 1919 and official recognition in 1923.
It is a rustic, docile sheepdog, ready to carry out orders, but also able to work independently. Thanks to its Terrier ancestors, the Pumi is a good destroyer of rodents. It is also a good guardian, ready to react to any unusual noise by barking furiously.