region Hungary
head small, thin; front view it looks round, side view elliptical
eyes brown color, with a lively and alert look
ear hanging, "V"
tail carried curved over the loins
Other name(s) Hungarian Shepherd, Hungarian Water Dog
It is an ancient breed, probably imported into Hungary by the Magyars. However, her origins are Asian and she probably descends from the Tibetan terrier.
He is a very intelligent dog, very lively, docile and extremely affectionate with his master. It is a good companion for children with whom it can play for hours, especially when it is young. As an adult, he becomes a little more reserved and calm. The Puli has become primarily a companion and show dog, although it retains its herding characteristics intact. As he is very brave, he has good guard skills. He is very faithful and loyal. Easy to train, he is passionate about work. He loves water and was once used as a retriever dog.