region France
cut M 62-72cm, F 60-70cm
weight 30-35kg
hair  The Poitevin color is short, smooth, generous and brilliant
dress always tricolor in bright red or orange with most often a black coat and white flecks
head dry, finely ribbed
eyes The large brown eyes are surrounded by black eyelids
ear relatively short, particularly fine and silky, pleated and set relatively low
tail moderately long and tapering towards its end
behaviour Stubborn, tireless with a gentle character.
federation FCI nomenclature group 6 section 1 no 24
Care: Easy to care for, brush daily Usefulness: Ideal pack dog, very good bloodhound Life expectancy: 11 - 12 years
The Poitevin is a French breed that originated in the 17th century descending from Irish tricolor dogs, Greyhounds and descendants of the hound of Saint Hubert. almost extinct as a pure breed. Nowadays it still exists mainly as a cross between English and French dogs which are used as pack dogs and which are called "bastards of Haut-Poitou". It is remarkably suitable for big game hunting