Ibiza Podenco

region Spain
cut M 60-66cm, F 57-63cm
weight M 22kg, F 19kg
hair  Smooth, hard or long
dress White-Red, Fire-White, Pure White and Spotless Red
head Long and narrow
eyes Oblique and light amber
ear Straight and stiff
tail low range
behaviour active, intelligent
federation FCI nomenclature group 5 section 7 no 89
The Ibizan Podenco (Podenco Ibicenco or Balearic Greyhound) is a dog originating from the Balearic Islands. The International Cynological Federation has listed it in Group 5, Section 7, Standard No. 89.
Dog of Spanish nationality originating from the island of Ibiza (Balearic Islands) primitive and rustic, it is one of the oldest breeds in the world whose representation can be seen in the tombs of pharaohs and on museum pieces, which traces its origin back to 3400 years AC It is the direct descendant of the "Tesem", an Egyptian greyhound which has now disappeared. Some tribal paintings would even represent it around 6000 years AC The Phoenicians would have made it travel by sea, and imported on the island of Ibiza. At that time this dog was considered particularly precious and was often used as a gift by highly respected people. Today this race must find its letters of nobility, because its herd is made rare. The general public knows very little about it, yet breeders are fighting to prevent the extinction of the breed, which would be a great loss for modern cynophilia.
The Ibizan Podenco is very affectionate towards his master and particularly patient with children. Active, sporty, very lively, sensitive and intelligent, he needs daily exercise with his owner with whom he will develop a strong bond. It is able to jump to an incredible height, a particularity sought after for hunting in rocky terrain. As such, he may need high fences: indeed a Podenco Ibicenco can run away if he is bored! Nevertheless, he is a dog who also greatly appreciates sofas and the comfort of a house. The male can be virulent towards dogs of the same sex, so we will take care to socialize him well with his congeners. The Ibizan Podenco excels in many sports, such as lure sight pursuit, but also canicross, agility and even rhythmic obedience. Misconceptions about the poor intelligence of greyhounds are quickly swept away by this breed, unfortunately still too little known in France. Yet here we have a magnificent animal, endowed with all the qualities of a sporting and companion dog.