miniature pinscher

region Germany
cut 25 to 30cm
weight 4 to 6 kg
dress Unicolor Deer red / Brown red / Dark brown or Bicolor black and tan
head Robust and long. Light but distinct stop.
eyes dark almond eye
ear They can be straight, erect on the head or drooping. Can be kept natural or cut, except in countries where there is a ban.
tail Shortened, except in countries where there is a ban
behaviour Lively but balanced temperament
federation FCI Nomenclature Group 2 Section 2 no 185
Care: Very easy to care for, brush daily. Usefulness: Very good companion dog, despite its smallness a good guardian who likes to bark. Life expectancy: 13 to 14 years
Originally from the Grand Duchy of Bavaria and the province of Württemberg, he accompanied the coachmen from one relay to another and lived with the horses. He hunted rats, field mice and other rodents.