Italian Greyhound

region Italy
cut M and F: 32-38cm
hair  Short and fine
dress Unicolour black, grey, slate grey, yellow, light sand. White tolerated on chest and feet
head Elongated, narrow
eyes Big, expressive, dark
ear Set high, small, slender, carried backwards, semi-erect in alertness
tail Thin, tapered, slightly curved
behaviour Reserved, affectionate, docile
federation FCI nomenclature group 10 section 3 no 200
Care: It does not require very intensive care, brush daily. Utility: Companion and family dog ​​Life expectancy: 13 to 14 years
In the Bronze Age there was already a small greyhound and mummies of small greyhounds similar to those of today have been discovered in Egyptian tombs. From Egypt he went to Greece and Ancient Rome where paintings and sculptures are rich in representatives of his race.