little lion dog

region France
cut 26 to 32cm
weight 5 to 7 kg
hair  quite long and wavy, but not curly
dress All of the colours are acceptable.
head short, with a rather broad skull
eyes round, tall and smart
ear hanging, long and well endowed with fringes
tail medium length is characterized by the plumed tuft of hair that ends it
Average life expectancy: about 13 years Remarks and advice It is relatively little known and diffused, to the point that in 1960, the Little lion dog was defined as "the rarest dog in the world". Since then, its popularity has increased slightly, but it deserves greater distribution.
Information about his origins is not certain, although it is assumed that he is of Maltese origin. The breed is certainly ancient and can even be found in a painting by Goya.
It is exclusively a companion dog, with a certain aptitude for guarding (as a “warning” dog of course, its size not allowing it to intervene if necessary). He is cheerful, agile, intelligent and always looking for a cuddle. The Little Lion Dog is very playful but delicate. He likes to have attention… otherwise he gets offended (even if he doesn't hold a grudge), because he is a particularly proud dog. He is attached to his master and does not like strangers too much. It is suitable as a first dog because it is very obedient if its education is done gently. In addition, it becomes clean relatively quickly.