Small Swiss Hound

region Swiss
Other name(s) Little Bernese Hound, Little Jura Hound, Little Lucerne Hound, Small Swiss Hounds Average life expectancy: about 13 years Notes and advice Small Swiss Hounds also exist in a variety wire-haired, lying down, with little undercoat.
At the beginning of the 20th century, the game reserve system was introduced in Switzerland. Based on the idea that the medium-sized Swiss Hounds would be too fast on restricted terrain, it was decided to create a new breed of smaller hounds.
He is a versatile little dog, nimble, both fragile and resistant, with a fine nose, passionate about hunting. He sniffs and follows the trail, giving voice, a sonorous and harmonious tone. Friendly and with a calm and lively temperament, he is not shy and never aggressive.