little brabancon

region Belgium
cut about 25cm
weight 3 to 5 kg
hair  short
dress the only colors allowed are fire red and black
head wide and round
eyes very tall, round, black, set well apart and prominent, with long black eyelashes and black rimmed eyelids
ear sharpened to a point, are well erected
tail carried high, cut two-thirds
Average life expectancy: about 14 years Notes and advice This is the least known and least widespread of the small Belgian dogs, which otherwise enjoy a limited popularity.
It is the only small Belgian dog with a short hair, obtained from the Brussels Griffon by selecting this type of hair.
Curious, lively and always attentive to the movements and gestures of those around them, Belgian Griffons are exclusively companion dogs, but the Petit Brabançon stands out as an intrepid rodent hunter. He is an amusing, joyful, curious dog, but quite "moody": he demands attention and caresses and wishes to participate actively in the life of the family. He has a certain aptitude for guarding. His fiery temperament makes him unsuitable for living with children. But it is undoubtedly this same instability which makes it irresistible in the eyes of adults… perhaps because of its great resemblance to the human character!