Perdiguero of Burgos

cut 62 - 75cm
weight 25 - 30 kg
hair  The coat of the Perdiguero de Burgos is short and smooth with little woolly undercoat.
dress The predominant color is white with liver-colored spots and flecks, but also dark liver-colored with white spots
head fat
eyes dark and medium tall have a sad expression
ear set high, large, long and pleated
tail The thick whip at its point of attachment is cut by a third, it tapers towards its end and is carried cheerfully up.
behaviour easy to lead, non-aggressive, good-natured
federation FCI Nomenclature Group 7 Section 1 No. 90
Care: easy to care for, brush daily Usefulness: He is a very good pointing dog with a great passion for hunting. Life expectancy: 12 to 13 years
The Perdiguero de Burgos is one of the Spanish dog breeds that has proven itself unchanged even in the harshest weather conditions. Among the Spanish hunting dogs, especially the Spanish pointer which is considered the ancestor of all pointing dogs, one can still admire today the apogee of hunting dog breeding in Middle Europe. Age.