region China - Great Britain
cut 25cm maximum
weight between 2 and 8 kg
hair  Long and straight with an abundant mane forming a ruff; the outer coat is rough and the undercoat thick and softer.
dress All colors and marks are admitted and of equal value, except albino and the color brown (liver). In multi-colored dogs, the spots are evenly distributed.
head Broad skull as a whole, broad and flat between the ears and between the eyes. Stop charged. The profile is flat, the nose well placed between the eyes and at the same height.
eyes Large, clear, round, dark and shiny.
ear Cordiform (heart-shaped), attached at the level of the skull and carried close to the head, with long and abundant fringes.
tail Set on high, carried firmly, slightly bent over the back to one side or the other. Long fringes.
behaviour Leonine in appearance; lively and intelligent expression. Fearless, loyal, aloof but neither fearful nor aggressive.
federation FCI nomenclature group 9 section 8 no 207
Care: It requires a lot of care, brush daily, comb from time to time. Also treat the eyes Life expectancy: 10 to 12 years
He is from China, a contemporary of Confucius. Object of veneration by the emperors of China, he lived confined in the imperial palace. In 1860, British soldiers in Beijing brought some back to England. They are offered to Queen Victoria, the Duchess of Wellington and the Duchess of Richmond who created the first line of the “goodwoods”. At the end of the last century, other subjects were imported and appeared in English dog shows. From that time he enjoyed great popularity in France, but it was between the two wars that he became a "fashionable" dog.