region Britain
cut F 61cm / M 69cm
hair  Long, dense and gruff, hard and waterproof
dress plain, grey, sand, red, wheaten, blue
head Well in dome
eyes Intelligent
ear long, pendulous, attached at the level of the corner of the eye
tail Tied high
behaviour Kind and even-tempered.
federation FCI nomenclature group 6 section 1 no 294
Other name(s) Otter Dog Average life expectancy: about 13 years Remarks and advice Despite its reputation as a stubborn dog, it is also used for civil protection missions.
This dog was originally bred to hunt otters. Otter hunting was then banned in England and the breed, to avoid extinction, was directed to other types of game.
It is a versatile hound, most often used for big game, in packs or individually. the Otterhound has a kind, friendly character, without mood swings. He can be an excellent companion dog provided you offer him physical exercise and especially opportunities to go into the water, because it is his favorite element.