Pyrenean Mastiff

region Spain
cut 70 - 82cm
weight 55 - 75kg
hair  long
dress The color is always white or white with patches of badger, pale yellow or wolf tawny on the head, ears and whip attachment
head ovoid skull with a moderately deep central groove and flat lateral faces
eyes quite small and dark amber in color, are implanted slightly obliquely
ear The small triangular ears attached at eye level fall flat on the skull and have rounded tips
behaviour good-natured, obedient
federation FCI nomenclature group 2 section 2.2 no 092
Care: relatively high maintenance, brushing and combing daily Utility: robust and reliable companion and protection dog Life expectancy: 10 - 12 years
This tough, sturdy guardian dog is intelligent, easy to handle, and highly valued as a watchdog and companion dog. It exists on both the Spanish and French side of the Pyrenees and both countries strive to preserve and develop this ancient breed, but to separate standards for the Mastin de los Pirineos on one side and the Pyrenean Shepherd the other which differ only very slightly, while nevertheless presenting a difference. Provided it is provided with appropriate care, the Mastin de los Pirineos is a dog that is quite suitable as a companion dog.