Alentejo Mastiff

region Portugal
UTILIZATION VARIOUS guard and defense dog It is the largest of the Portuguese guard dogs. Average lifespan: 13 years.
Originally from the Alentejo, a province in southern Portugal, this dog probably comes from the Estrela and the Spanish Mastiff, crossed with local breeds. It has always been known in these regions, where it was first used for guarding livestock. Its size was mainly used to maintain order in the herds. Attempts at adaptation in the United States and Canada, directed against coyotes, have so far failed. King Don Carlos made him his favorite dog and exercised him for hunting, without noticing success. He seems more comfortable in his role as goalkeeper, being able to give free rein to his natural aggressiveness.
He is above all a guardian, excellent in this task, especially at night when his vigilance is never faulted. With a touchy and aggressive temperament, he remains very wary of strangers. Audacious and courageous, very faithful, he makes a good companion who, however, needs a firm education. Its imposing size and weight require an experienced master.