Russian-European Laika

region Russia
cut 48 - 58cm
weight 17 - 23kg
hair  He is dressed in dense, rough fur
dress black, with white spots
head rather broad and blunt skull
eyes The dark eyes are set obliquely
ear wide at the level of the attachment are triangular in shape and are worn upright
tail The corkscrew whip is worn above the back or on one side of the body
behaviour he is full of spirit, aggressive, having a great passion for hunting
federation FCI Nomenclature Group 5, Section 2, No. 304
Care: relatively demanding, brushing and combing daily Usefulness: good hunting dog, not very suitable as a companion dog Life expectancy: 10 - 12 years
The Congress of Soviet Cynologists in 1947 established standards for four breeds of Laikas, three of which are already recognized by the FCI The name Laika is not originally a breed name, but comes from Russian [Russian: lajatj , : to bark], characterizing the particularity of the Laika to immobilize the game and to bark for a long time until the arrival of the hunter. They are widespread throughout Russia, from the Kola Peninsula to the Far East, and in recent years increasingly in other European countries. The Russian-European Laika is closely related to the Karelian Bear Dog.