East Siberian Laika

region Russia
cut 55 to 63 cm for the male and 53 to 61 cm for the female
weight 20 to 30 kg
hair  long coat with coarse, tight, harsh protective coat and dense, soft undercoat
dress pepper and salt, white, grey, black, red or brown in all their shades; mottled or mottled; corresponding color patches are permitted on the limbs.
head cone-shaped, with a very broad upper region of the skull and a distinctly marked occipital protuberance. The stop is not very marked
eyes not very tall, are oval, oblique and dark in color
ear straight, triangular
tail scythe-shaped or rounded; the scythe-like tail is carried raised or drooping forward
It was born from the cross between different varieties of Laïka (Ewenkien, Lamutslen, and others) from the wooded regions of Eastern Siberia and the Far East. Average life expectancy: about 12 years Notes and advice Unlike the West Siberian Laïka widespread in the United States or France, it is practically unknown beyond the borders of Russia.
Like all other Laikas, the East Siberian Laika is a versatile dog, used for hunting or sledding. His character is lively, balanced but also very independent.