Lagotto Romagnolo

region Italy
weight male: 13 to 16 kg.; female: 11 to 14 kg.
dress bianco, arancio, bianco-arancio, pezzato-maronne, maronne, roano-maronne
head moderately massive, must present a broader skull towards the back and rounded
eyes soft, full of kindness, placed under the forehead, rounded and adorned with long eyelashes
ear of medium size in relation to the volume of the body. It is hanging and triangular in shape
tail must be carried in saber at rest and can rise when the subject is attentive. It should never be curved or ring-shaped.
federation FCI Nomenclature Group 8, Section 3, No. 298
This truffle dog is the only pure canine breed, in the world, specialized in the search for truffles. His natural gift for research and his sense of smell make this dog an effective truffle hunter. His hunting instinct having disappeared, he is not distracted by the smell of game.
In his work this friendly dog ​​is extremely serious: easy to train, available, concentrated, he has lost his hunting instincts and uses his excellent sense of smell only for the objective for which he is destined, the search for truffles. Normally he works close to his master, which allows the latter to control him permanently. It happens, but rarely, to be distracted by the passage of a small animal, a field mouse, for example. Excellent companion dog qualities; he is indeed friendly, balanced (and therefore perfect for children), intelligent and very loyal.