Labrador Retrievers

region Newfoundland (Canada)
cut Between 54 and 61 cm
weight Between 25 and 50 kg (heavily built dog)
hair  Short (10 cm), thick, dense, rough (distinctive feature).
dress Black, chocolate (brown for the Labrador) or yellow (from sand to red) or sand.
head Wide, at the marked stop; strong and powerful neck and jaws. Soft and intelligent expression (distinctive trait).
eyes Slightly almond-shaped, brown or hazelnut in color.
tail Medium length, with very thick hair (distinctive trait).
behaviour Very sociable, sweet, intelligent, docile and stubborn. Passion for water. Very good flair.
federation FCI Nomenclature Group 8, Section 1, No. 122
Care: Daily coat care by brushing and combing. Usefulness: Assiduous and tireless game finder, domestic dog par excellence that attaches itself closely to its family.
This breed descends from the St John's dog that sailors would have brought back from Newfoundland and that the English, great hunters, would have selected around 1850 for its very special abilities to bring everything back, particularly to water.