region Japan
cut 45 to 52 cm: medium-sized dog
weight about 25kg
hair  Rough, straight outer coat, soft, dense undercoat; the hair on the tail is fairly long and spread apart
dress red, sesame (red-fawn with black tips), black and tan, brindle, black or white.
eyes Relatively small, almost triangular in shape, set wide apart and dark brown in color.
ear Small, triangular, leaning slightly forward and firmly erect.
tail coiled or curved in the shape of a sickle.
behaviour brave, faithful and obedient
federation FCI Nomenclature: Group 5, Section 5, No. 261
Care: does not require too much care, brush daily Utility: companion and guard dog Life expectancy: 11 - 13 years
The Hokkaido, also known as the Ainu dog according to the Ainus people, takes its name from the island of Hokkaido, the main sector of its existence. Originally a hunting dog, he is now more and more a guardian of the house and the farm. In 1973, the Society for the Preservation of Japanese Races declared Hokkaido a “Japanese Natural Heritage”.