region Britain
cut 48 to 55 cm for the male and 48 to 50 cm for the female
weight 25 to 30 kg
hair  smooth "English style", i.e. flat and not too short
dress usually white ground, with all shades from black to orange; outside Britain it is often tricolor with a black robe that covers the upper part of the back
head expressive, medium width
eyes always dark brown, never prominent, medium in size, not too round
ear V-shaped, almost flat, slightly bent, rather short
tail medium length, slightly spiky and carried elegantly
Other name(s) Hare dog, Harehound Average life expectancy: around 13 years Notes and advice Its name comes from the English word hare, which means “hare”.
It seems to have been obtained a long time ago, thanks to the crossing between the Greyhound, the Bulldog and the Fox-Terrier. More recently, it has certainly experienced the influence of the Foxhound, as shown by its morphological characteristics.
He is an excellent game hunter, specializing in hare and fox hunting. Excessive specialization, however, made its dissemination very difficult, especially outside the borders of Great Britain. In terms of character, the Harrier is a happy, clever, lively dog, full of energy and at the same time very affectionate, especially with children. Like all hounds, however, he is rather stubborn. This is a dog that needs to go out often and get plenty of exercise.