Nivernais Griffon

region France
cut 55 to 60 cm for the male and 53 to 58 cm for the female
weight about 25kg
hair  long, shaggy and disheveled, rather rough, hard. In no way woolly or fringed
dress preferably wolf gray, or badly tinted black, Marengo black; tan spots on the cheeks, under the eyes, on the inner faces and the tips of the limbs; it can also be fawn with a mixture of white and black hairs
head light and emaciated, without being small, well endowed and a little long
eyes dark, sometimes slightly colored
ear supple, set on level with the upper part of the eye, fairly well endowed with hair, of medium width and length, slightly turned over at the tip
tail carried saber and not too long, thinner in the middle part, with the tip sometimes slightly bent towards the back
behaviour obstinate, combative, biting and lively
federation FCI Nomenclature Group 6, Section 1.2, No. 17
Average life expectancy: about 12 years Remarks and advice It looks a lot like the Italian Spinone, but it is smaller in size.
He descends from the Gray Dog of Saint-Louis.
He is a very good running dog, obstinate, combative, biting and lively. Great companion and effective helper for hunters, it is adapted to hunting in marshes and very resistant. The Griffon Nivernais is also used as a companion dog, although it is better to have it live in the countryside rather than in town.