Fauve de Bretagne Griffon

region France
cut 47 - 55cm
weight 25 - 30 kg
hair  very hard and not too long that never gets woolly or curly
dress It exists in fawn, deer fawn, particularly wheat yellow to bright brown
head Its skull is long with a pronounced occipital hump, viewed from the front it is flat, its width narrowing to the level of the low zygomatic arches.
eyes dark
ear attached at a height that barely reaches the tip of the nose. Their extremities are pointed and hairy more finely than the rest of the body.
tail moderately long and worn with elegance sometimes presents a brush
behaviour intelligent, courageous, with a good hunting temperament
Care: it requires some care, brushing and combing daily Usefulness: it has an excellent sense of smell, not particularly suitable as a house dog, its place is absolutely in the hands of a hunter Life expectancy: 12 - 13 years
This long-haired French hound, used particularly for hunting wild boars and hares, is the result of interbreeding between the Briquet Griffon Vendéen and different types of large griffons. For a time, he had fallen into oblivion, but he was able to revive thanks to the dedication of a few Breton breeders.