Greater Griffon Vendeen

region France
cut F 60-65cm / M 62-68cm
weight 30-35kg
hair  long, tousled
dress deer fawn, hare fawn, white and orange, white and grey, white and hare fawn, but also tricolor in the shades indicated
head elongated
eyes Deep gaze, Large dark-colored eyes possess a vivid expression
ear hanging
tail set relatively high and carried in the shape of a sword is thick at its root and tapers smoothly towards its tip
behaviour Robust, intelligent, very sure of himself, he likes to snap on occasion.
federation FCI Nomenclature Group 6, Section 1, No. 282
Care: requires a lot of care, brushing and combing daily Utility: hunting dog insensitive to bad weather, requires a lot of outings Life expectancy: 11 - 12 years
The Grand Griffon Vendéen specializes in hunting with hounds, but is also used for other purposes. Since it is very intrepid, it is also used in difficult terrain for hunting big game, for example wild boar. The origin of this French hound is attributed to a white variety of the hound of Saint Hubert which is born from a cross with a female of the white/reddish Italian shorthaired pointer. These new dogs were called the king's white dogs, because their ancestor was a white dog that the breeder received from the king. The hunter crossed these animals with the Grand Griffon Nivernais and pointers, but it is said that this mixture would have weakened his resistance. In addition to its many qualities, it has been established that the Great Vendean griffon is too abrupt at the start of the hunt and that it tires quickly. This means that the dog is overworked if the tracking or running continues for several hours.