Great white and orange Anglo-French

region France
cut 60 to 72cm
weight about 30kg
hair  short and thin
dress yellowish-white or orange-white, provided the orange does not go to red
head has a slightly domed skull, with a barely marked occipital protuberance. The stop has a well-marked frontal crack and prominent brow ridges
eyes tall, brown and dark
ear attached slightly below the line of the eye, are supple, fine, a little wrinkled. They extend up to two fingers from the end of the nose
tail long
Remarks and advice The breed is rare, fairly uncommon outside French borders and now little used, even in France.
Like other Anglo-French, this breed was obtained by crossing native dogs with the English Foxhound. It comes in particular from the Billy.
It is a Hound adapted to all game, very good hunter and excellent tracker. With his master and his family, the Tall Anglo-French white and orange is shown to be amiable, intelligent and friendly. Like all hounds, he needs exercise and is not recommended in town, despite his gentle and affable temperament, including with children.