Golden Retriever

cut female: 55 to 57 cm; male: 58 to 61 cm
hair  long
dress creamy-white to dark gold
head wide, well marked stop, black nose
eyes dark brown, wide apart
ear drooping
tail medium size, tied and worn at the back, does not roll up
behaviour Affectionate, sociable, docile, gentle, quiet
federation FCI nomenclature group 8, section 1
Lifespan The golden retriever lives an average of 15 years Health Goldens need a lot of exercise. Their ears are fragile and must be washed very regularly so that they do not catch ear mites, a first symptom of which is the reddening or browning of the inside of the ear, before other complications.
The breed was recognized in 1893 as purebred in Great Britain. The Golden Retriever was born from a crossbreeding of dogs like the Irish Setter and the Flat-Coated Retriever. The name, meaning in English "golden protractor", refers to the color of its hair. This breed was developed to serve as a retriever dog, especially when hunting poultry. Today it is one of the most common breeds of dogs because it is easy going, very tolerant and its demands on the owner are limited: regular exercises, food and routine examination at the vet. He is often used as a guide dog (and very rarely trained for the search for explosives and drugs).
Goldens are active and love to have fun with owners they love as strong as Golden Retrievers love their owners. They are dogs that need space and exercise. Other characteristics related to their hunting heritage are an appropriate size for getting in and out of boats and an attraction to water. In this regard, it has an undercoat that protects it from cold and water. This type of hair requires regular brushing. Like the Labrador Retriever, they are noted for their intelligence, their affection towards people and their tolerance towards children. They are natural clowns, which makes them excellent dogs to use in hospitals or nursing homes. They are effective in obedience trials and are selected as guide dogs. The Golden Retriever has webbed paws and has great ability to move about in water.