english foxhound

region Britain
cut 58 to 64cm
weight about 30kg
hair  short and thick, weatherproof
dress all colors and stains are accepted
head flat skull, of medium width and a slight stop
eyes medium size, hazelnut or brown, lively in expression
ear attached high, fall well glued to the cheeks
tail tied high enough and carried cheerfully
behaviour friendly, gentle, never aggressive
federation FCI Nomenclature Group 6, Section 1, No. 159
Average life expectancy: about 11 years Notes and advice Although relatively uncommon outside its country of origin, the English Foxhound is one of the ancestors of one of the most popular breeds: the English Pointer. According to some authors, he also participated in the creation of the Drahthaar.
The British Foxhound Association has managed the Masters stud book since the 18th century, in which each Foxhound owner can find the genealogy of his dog. In Britain, breeding is in the hands of the Masters of Foxhounds of the English Foxhound Association. The breed was recognized by the FCI in 1964.
The English Foxhound was bred - and has always been used - for fox hunting. He is a Hound with great strength and resistance, naturally inclined towards hunting: his temperament is friendly, gentle, never aggressive. He can also be a companion dog given his great gentleness, but he is independent, not very docile and obedient, and he requires a lot of physical exercise.