american foxhound

region United States
cut 56 to 64 cm for the male and 53 to 61 cm for the female
weight 30 to 34 kg for the male and 28 to 32 kg for the female
hair  rough and full, of medium length
dress all colors and stains are accepted
head rather long, with a slightly domed occiput. The skull is broad and round, with a moderate stop
eyes large, well separated from each other, with a soft expression, hazelnut or brown
ear set relatively low, are long, fine in texture and fairly wide
tail set on quite high, carried cheerfully and slightly curved, without folding over the back
Average life expectancy: about 12 years Remarks and advice It has a keen sense of smell. It is a fast dog little diffused in Europe.
He is descended from English Foxhounds which were imported to America in 1650 and subsequently crossed with French hounds given by Lafayette to George Washington. In the 17th century, it was used against the Amerindians, then devoted to hunting wild animals. Its distribution is relatively recent, as a hunting dog, but also for company or exhibition.
He is able to combine a great combativeness in the field of hunting and a very soft and cuddly character in the family. But the American Foxhound needs to work, otherwise it becomes irritable. He is rather stubborn and undisciplined, not very easy to educate in the family.