Smooth-haired fox terrier

This breed was known for a long time in China where, according to Marco Polo, the Great Khan owned more than 5,000. Very widespread later in England, where each region had its own variety, the Fox-Terrier was a generic term specific to all the dogs which flushed out the fox in its lair. From the 17th century, a distinction has already been made between hard-haired and smooth-polished breeds. Since 1850, a stricter selection, with the contribution of the blood of the Beagle, gave the product that we know today under this name. MISCELLANEOUS Average lifespan: 14 years
Social and fearless, he is friendly with children and his masters. Rustic and very resistant, this dog requires a continuous and sustained education which will make him aware of his bond with his master. Obstinate, one can however by dint of patience make it a pleasant companion or, why not, an auxiliary in the hunt... or a circus artist. Very fond of his freedom, he is the ideal dog for the countryside.