Field Spaniel

region Britain
cut 45.7cm.
weight 18kg to 25kg
hair  Long, flat, shiny, silky in texture
dress Black, brown (liver), roan
ear long and wide
tail long or cut
behaviour docile, active
federation FCI Nomenclature Group 8, No. 123
Average life expectancy: about 13 years Remarks and advice It takes its name from its great capacity for work in the countryside, in English field, “field”.
It has the same origins as the Cocker Spaniel, which it closely resembles, to the point that until 1901 the two breeds were only distinguished from each other by weight: solid-colored dogs weighing more of 25 pounds were registered under the name of Field Spaniel, the others under the name Cocker Spaniel.
It is a dog selected for flushing out and bringing back game, ideal for hunting but also valid as a companion dog (especially for those who live in the countryside, less in town). The Field Spaniel is exceptionally docile, active, sensitive, and quite independent.