Tibetan Spaniel

region Britain
cut about 25cm
weight 4 to 7 kg
hair  silky texture
dress all colors are allowed as well as their mixture
eyes dark brown, oval in shape, lively and expressive, medium in size, set well apart but directed forward
ear medium in size, pendulous, well feathered in adults and set very high
tail set high, well endowed with hair, carried happily and forming a curve over the back when the animal is in action
Average life expectancy: about 14 years Notes and advice It was also called Tibetan prayer dog, because the monks, during the winter, carried these small dogs under their tunic and used them to turn the wheels of prayer.
Raised since late antiquity in Tibetan monasteries, it was brought to Britain by missionaries in the early 19th century. It is believed to originate from crosses between Pekingese, Pug and Japanese Spaniel.
He is a happy and confident little dog, very intelligent, rather reserved with strangers, but who bonds easily. Awake and always active, the Tibetan Spaniel is very close to his master but also capable of taking initiatives.