Continental Toy Spaniel

region Belgium France
cut 28cm.
weight 1.5 to 5 kg.
hair  long, slightly wavy
dress white should dominate. A list at the top is recommended.
head snoring, expressive
eyes almond-shaped
ear well trained. Bearing long "silks".
tail Bent over the back, touching it.
behaviour Very intelligent, versatile and lively.
federation FCI Nomenclature Group 9, Section 9, No. 77
Other name(s) Phalène Spaniel, Papillon Spaniel, Continental Toy Spaniel Health Despite its fragile appearance, the Continental Toy Spaniel is robust and lives a long time. Average life expectancy: approximately 14 years Living conditions Exclusively in a house or apartment. Remarks and advice You should never mate a Papillon with a Phalène because you risk producing puppies with mixed ears, that is to say semi-erect and this constitutes a very serious defect in this breed.
It is an ancient dog represented on many Renaissance paintings, alongside great ladies of the time. Its origin is therefore thought to be European (Western Europe). Its most recent history was in France and Belgium where, in the last century, the Continental Toy Spaniel was split into the two current varieties, based on its ear set. The official recognition of the breed is quite recent since the FCI approved the standard in 1937.
It is exclusively a companion dog, gentle, docile, sometimes a little "intrusive" in its continual search for attention and cuddles. The Continental Toy Spaniel is the ideal companion for the elderly because it is small in size and its affectionate nature is an excellent “antidepressant” as well as a very good antidote to loneliness. However, it is necessary to select a calm individual because the Continental Toy Spaniel turns out to be a lively, even nervous dog. He is very quiet, patient, very clean. Another pleasant characteristic (and rather rare in an apartment dog) is that he barks very little and is quiet. He has great adaptability and adapts easily to all situations: what is important for him is to stay with his master. He is not aggressive towards strangers but he is not very friendly. He is a good mouse hunter.